Mobitee and PIQ : The Ultimate Golf Tracker





PIQ is the ultimate golf tracker that gives you real-time information on your game, including a range finder, a swing analyzer, and a shot-tracker.

You will have a real-time range finder on the back of your glove, indicating where you are and the distance to the green, whether front, middle or back. With just a look at your smartphone, you'll get access to a swing analyzer to improve your technique and a shot-tracker to improve your game strategy.




With PIQ, you'll get actionable information to improve your game and make progress. Whether you are at the driving range or on the course, PIQ automatically tracks your tempo, swing path and club head speed for every shot. You can see all of that information in real time on your smartphone or save the data to review it later.


Once you're back home or at the club house, you'll get to relive each shot and observe your game strategy directly on your smartphone screen. For a perfect start, get the full Golf package with your PIQ sensor and its Mobitee Golf accessory.


You will find in your box: your PIQ sensor, your PIQFuel battery pack, eighteen NFC tags and the glove clip. The glove clip and the NFC tags are compatible with all brands. Charge your PIQ sensor with the PIQFuel and get ready for the game.

Already got your PIQ multisport sensor? Get the PIQ Golf accessory (NFC tags + glove clip) and start using Mobitee and PIQ on the course!


What is Golf PIQ Score?


Never have I ever used a technology that is so rich, fun, and instinctive! Combining information about my swing path, tempo and clubhead speed, one can rapidly and easily improve their swing, and that's what we golfers are after. With the PIQScore, your game never stops improving!

Fabrice Tarnaud

160 tournaments on the European Tour, including 8 TOP10, Professional Golfer since 1992


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