The Rossignol and PIQ ski tracker is the most advanced skiing wearable on the market. It does magic at tracking your motions, no matter whether you're on the slopes or in the park.


The Rossignol and PIQ sensor and app allow you to record your ski sessions with statistics about your ski jumps and your ski turns. For your jumps, you'll know how much time you spent in the air, how many rotations you did, and how smooth your landing was. For your turns, you'll know how explosive you were from one edge to the other, how much angle and weight you put into your turns.


Become part of the PIQ community, share your performances with your friends and challenge other community members!


You will find in your boy: your PIQ sensor, your PIQFuel battery pack, your activation card and the Rossignol ski accessory.

Already got your PIQ multisport sensor? Get the PIQ Ski accessory and start using Rossignol and PIQ on the slopes!